T. Mebuke



UDC 82.03

ISBN 978-9941-20-681-8

230 page(s)

Approval date 24.06.2016


The textbook Theory and Practice of Translation represents a course of lectures and texts for translation for post-graduate students at the Department of Informatics. This textbook was written on the basis of the material gathered by the author during many years of work at the Department of Informatics at Georgian State Technical University.
The first part of the textbook–Theory of Translation–consists of 15 lectures on the issues essential for the theory of translation teaching translation principles and methodology. The course of lectures is based on Peter Newmark`s A Textbook of Translation written for post-graduate students. The theoretical part of the textbook may be used for post-graduate students of all departments while teaching the theory of translation.
In the second part of the textbook–Practical Course in Translation–are given texts for translation at the Department of Informatics (for 15 practical studies). The texts for translation have been selected together with post-graduate students during several years of work. All texts are followed by three–language vocabulary and a list of essential for translation definitions.
The third part of the textbook consists of English–Georgian–Russian Vocabulary of special terms and necessary for the translation list of acronyms and definitions. Finding Georgian and Russian equivalents for special English terms in one of the fastest developing fields of science represented one of the main goals for the author. The vocabulary consists of 623 words.
The author is especially thankful to the post-graduate students at the Department of Informatics George Piriashvili, Irakli Shalikashvili, Dmitri Gasparian, Lasha Tsomaia, Zurab Dadiani and Tariel Mchedlishvili for their help and cooperation in finding Georgian and Russian equivalents for special terms and their specification.


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