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დამტკიცების თარიღი 07.07.2021


Workbook "Laboratory Works in General Chemistry" is intended for students of the non-chemical faculty of the Georgian Technical University, which is filled in by the student in the form of a documentary material.

The paper is interesting both from an experimental and practical point of view and envisages the performance of quantitative calculations based on the experiment, includes relevant theoretical material, is rich in visual material.

Through the workbook, the student will be able to get acquainted with the safety of experimental work, characterize the conducted experiment, formulate a search question and hypothesis, collect data, analyze data, build appropriate graphs and make appropriate conclusions.

The paper serves and promotes the development of the following skills: Demonstrate knowledge, understanding and application of the issue; Read and organize data; Data transfer from one type to another (read-fill-out-build tables, graphs, charts); Analyze and evaluate data; Establishing cause-and-effect relationships; Problem solving.

The workbook includes 11 works. The first work provides a description of the chemical equipment and the corresponding assignment. The other 10 laboratory works are experimental.

The use of the student workbook " Laboratory work in general chemistry" will be effective in both distance and hybrid and face-to-face teaching and will be of great help to students to better master the experimental material. "laboratory work in general chemistry" in combination with other teaching-methodological literature will help students to better master the program material. It can be used at secondary schools and a high schools as well.

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