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დამტკიცების თარიღი 20.10.2021


A collection of "Virtual Laboratory Works in General Chemistry" is intended for students of the non-chemical faculty of the Georgian Technical University. The paper will allow students to conduct chemical experiments using one of the most common-virtual methods of teaching. The collection is compiled on the basis of virtual works created in the Department of Chemistry of the Georgian Technical University.

"Virtual Laboratory Works in General Chemistry" contains material according to the existing syllabus for teaching general chemistry and is mainly intended for e-learning of students, although it can be used in any teaching format.

The student will be able to perform laboratory work virtually observe the progress of various chemical processes, get acquainted with the research question, formulate a hypothesis, get acquainted with the safety of experimental work, conduct experiments, collect data, analyze data, complete data tables, build appropriate graphs and draw appropriate conclusions.

The presented paper includes 11 works. The first work provides a description of the chemical equipment and the corresponding assignment. The second and third work are devoted to experimental tasks. The other laboratory works are experimental and covers the following issues: chemical bonding and electrical conductivity, complex compounds, factors affecting the rate of chemical reaction, chemical equilibrium, ionic reactions in solutions, salt hydrolysis, oxidation-reduction reactions, and more.

"Virtual laboratory work in general chemistry" in combination with other teaching-methodological literature will help students to better master the program material. It can be used at secondary schools and a high school as well.

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