D. Tavkhelidze, M. Kakhiani



უაკ 62-76

ISBN 978-9941-28-924-8

64 გვერდი

დამტკიცების თარიღი 05.04.2022


The subject is a basic discipline of the general technical cycle and its study is necessary for students of the engineering department, so that they can properly manage, service, elementary skills of reconstruction of the mechanism and machine presented in the enterprise of any field, possess the basic criteria of general purpose details and the workability of nodes, the main types of connections, dissolvable and non-dissolvable connections, to use in practice transmissions working on the principle of friction and modes. The paper presents two conditions of the kinematic scheme of different drive mechanisms each with ten different initial data and the complete mechanism of the mechanism performed according to the two presented conditions.

In each task, the material necessary for the complete calculation of the mechanism is provided, namely the kinematic calculation of the mechanism and the selection of the engine; complete calculation of the reducer (geometric and power calculation, in accordance with the standards); selection and inspection of reducer details (bearings, bearing caps), with graphic drawings; preliminary preparation of shafts and their inspection, with graphic drawings; Selection of constructions of gears included in the reducer and geometric calculation by making appropriate sketches.

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