M. Topuria, G. Gordeziani

Laboratory Works in MATERIALS

Part 1


UDC 620.22

ISBN 978-9941-20-185-1 (All the parts), 978-9941-20-186-8 (part one)

120 page(s)

Approval date 18.01.2013


The present laboratory work in Materials Science (part 1) is intended for students seeking a bachelor’s degree especially in metallurgical, mechanical and physical engineering. It should be of particular aid in coordinating their theoretical knowledge with the actual engineering practice.
The book covers macro - and microstructural analyses of metals; study of crystallization processes of metals and structure of metal castings and ingots; some defects and mechanical properties of metals; iron-carbon equilibrium diagram and microstructures of steels and white, grey, high strength, malleable cast irons. The book includes vocabulary of specific technical terms in English, Russian and Georgian.